Kini Hotel, Kumta

pics of chai and breakfast at Kini Hotel Kumta by Arun Shanbhag

This tiny tea shop in Kumta is my main eating and meeting place in Kumta. It’s in the main paent (market) and only a few steps from the Shanteri Kamakshi Devasthan and the Venkatraman Muth/Devasthan. Continue reading “Kini Hotel, Kumta”

Kini Hotel, Kumta

Vajra Kutka – Traditional Diamond Earrings

Vajra Kutka – Traditional Diamond Earrings
by Rekha Rao Kaval, Mumbai, India

pics of Vajra Kutka - Traditional Konkani Diamond EarringsAmongst the Saraswat community , Vajra Kutka and Kashi thali are two pieces of traditional jewellry of great importance and significance for married women. In arranged marriages it is customary that the Vajra Kutaka (diamond earrings) is given by the bride’s side while Kashi thali is given by the groom’s side. This custom is still prevalent in India. Although times have changed bringing in its wake Sangeet, Mehndi and reception and sometimes cocktail parties too. However the expenses for all these functions are normally borne by the bride’s side. This story revolves around one such Vajra Kutka. Continue reading “Vajra Kutka – Traditional Diamond Earrings”

Vajra Kutka – Traditional Diamond Earrings

Krishna Janmashtami – Udupi Shri Krishna

Murti of Udupi Shri Krishna with Alankar during Paryaya

Belated Greetings for Krishna Janmashtami

The Shri Krishna Muth in Udupi, Karnataka was founded by Sant Madhvāchārya, a Vaishnava Saint (1238-1317) who also developed the Dvaita philosophy of Vedanta. Continue reading “Krishna Janmashtami – Udupi Shri Krishna”

Krishna Janmashtami – Udupi Shri Krishna

Creative Writing Workshop @ Konkani Sammelan 2012

Creative Writing Workshop
Sunday July 1st, 2012; Time: 4:00 – 5:00 pm; Venue: Grand Ballroom

Arun Shanbhag, PhD, MBA, Boston, MA

Savitri Babulkar, Mumbai, India
Shobhan Bantwal, Phoenix, AZ
Vanita Braver, MD, Liberty Corner, NJ

The Workshop will provide an opportunity for aspiring writers to get first hand reports for established authors who will share their experiences and point out some of the challenges they had to go through to get the books published. Writers will give tips on creative writing for different purposes/contexts.

The panelists will discuss:
1. What motivated you to write the books? Is there a need for such a book?
2. Mechanics of writing; Need for Editorial assistance (grammar and formatting)
3. How to find an agent and publisher for the book? If you self publish, what are the things you need to worry about; and how do you pay for it?
4. What happens after your publish a book? Book signings and speaking tours.
5. What are the challenges authors’ faces? Is this a profitable venture?

The Moderator and Panelists Bios follow. Continue reading “Creative Writing Workshop @ Konkani Sammelan 2012”

Creative Writing Workshop @ Konkani Sammelan 2012

Girls Making Papad 2

Picture of girls making papad in Kumta, India

x-posted from my blog.
A few years back while visiting Kumta I went back to the little shack where I had earlier seen young women making papad (writeup and pics). I was glad to see that this little cinderblock workshop was still active, and women came together to make papad and other eatables to sell in local stores. I like the light in this pic.

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Girls Making Papad 2

Konkani Movie: Ujwaadu

Look what came across my inbox.

From the Deccan Herald – City Herald, Mangalore, Oct 15, 2011


It was after a gap of 35 years that a film in Konkani GSB dialect has been produced in the country. The movie hit the screen in Mangalore on Friday,writes Sandhya C D’Souza

Konkani Movie Ujwaadu Arun ShanbhagWhen many speak about the need to keep Konkani culture alive, Srinivas Rao S popularly known as Kasragod Chinna has proved this in his actions by directing the Konkani film ‘Ujwaadu’ (Light). The film in pure Gowd Saraswath Brahmin (GSB) Konkani is the third film in this dialect to hit the screens after a gap of 35 years.

“Konkani is my mother tongue and being an actor and filmmaker I felt an urge to make a Konkani film,” says Chinna to City Herald. Continue reading “Konkani Movie: Ujwaadu”

Konkani Movie: Ujwaadu