Girls Making Papad 2

Picture of girls making papad in Kumta, India

x-posted from my blog.
A few years back while visiting Kumta I went back to the little shack where I had earlier seen young women making papad (writeup and pics). I was glad to see that this little cinderblock workshop was still active, and women came together to make papad and other eatables to sell in local stores. I like the light in this pic.

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Girls Making Papad 2

2 thoughts on “Girls Making Papad 2

    1. Yes; Interestingly, they only sell locally.
      But you raise a good point. Can we help them set up for internet sales? Why not? Atleast locally in India? On my next visit, let me check on that.
      On a related note, they are several “Mangalore-style” stores in Mumbai which essentially collect such things from the villages and bring them back to Mumbai for sale. Some of the items include Coconut oils, jaggery, papads, etc.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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